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My Creative Outlet

Sometimes being an at-home mom can get to feel like Groundhog Day – the same routines, day in and day out. I think it’s important to take a little time for myself and I do that by creating scrapbooks. Scrapbooking allows me to combine preserving memories with creativity – a win-win combo for me! With a toddler, it is a little difficult to find the time to put a memory book together, but it can be done (usually during naptime).

A great time saver is shopping online for my supplies. I used to rush out on Sunday mornings to my local craft store with my coupon with the hope of getting a jump on everyone and getting the best deals before they run out. Invariably, I’d pull into the parking lot at 8 a.m. and find two dozen ladies already lined up. Well, I don’t do that anymore. I buy my supplies online and boy, that frees up a lot of time I’d spend running around town (especially with gas at $4 a gallon).

While searching for supplies, I came across Factory Direct Craft and it immediately impressed me with the variety of cute 3-D stickers, embellishments, stamps, embossing tools and books they offer at reasonable prices – some for just .99! They even have music buttons and voice recorders which I had never heard of before. Wouldn’t it be cool to create a scrapbook page and then record a ten-second personalized message to my son? What a timeless gift. I sure wish I could open a page from my childhood photo albums and hear my mom’s voice speaking to me. Technology is amazing.

After I picked up all my scrapbooking goodies (they have free shipping over $50, yay!) I looked at everything else Factory Direct Craft has to offer and they definitely have something for everyone, whether you create dolls, floral arrangements, soap, candles, or love to paint. Not sure what your next project should be? Visit their blog to get project ideas and view informative tutorials. This site has it all.

As my son grows I hope to not only scrapbook more myself, but work on projects with him as well. I think spending time being creative with your child is one of the best enriching activities you can do. If you love crafts, or if your children have created anything special lately, leave us a comment! We love hearing from you.


Jack Train Whee 2 Yrs Old

Girl Power

Girl Power

Even princesses can be tough!

In The Driver’s Seat

One day I took my son to our local park where he climbed, swung, slid and ran for a grand total of 30 minutes. He had that “I’m kinda over this, mommy” look on his face so we went to the car where I proceeded to change his diaper before making the trek back home. Well, after the change, he got up and spent the next hour exploring the back of my SUV. Jack crawled over the seats, played with all the buttons (the hazard lights being his favorite) and fiddled with all the loose change I had in my console.

Ever since that day his favorite jungle gym is my SUV and he looks forward to spending time flipping blinker switches, turning radio knobs and sticking peanuts in the charger outlets. While we still go to the park we always make time for him to play in our car. Do you have a kid that has a unique place to play?

Holiday Photo Fails Are Wonderful

This year Jack met the Easter Bunny for the first time and he was none too thrilled to do so. He didn’t cry, but he certainly wanted to bolt off the giant orange rabbit’s lap. This photo is the only one the photographer took because Jack would not sit still for another. I love it. It’s perfect.

We had a similar reaction this past Christmas with Santa as well. Being held by a stranger with a bushy beard and a fuzzy red suit was not Jack’s cup of tea. Honestly, though, I enjoy the photos where he isn’t sitting on the Easter Bunny’s or Santa’s lap with a huge grin on his face, posed. I prefer a natural reaction – whether positive or negative. I know in the years to come when we look through our family photo album (will we have albums in the future?) we’ll be talking about the story behind these photos and laughing our tails off.

Do you like to take holiday photos? Do your kids like to sit with the Easter Bunny and Santa? Share your stories with us!