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Girl Power

Girl Power

Even princesses can be tough!

Living For the Little Moments

When shopping for my family, I’ve been focusing on cutting out highly processed junk food in favor of  healthier, more natural foods.  Mountain High Yoghurt is one of those products that fit the bill.  Mountain High contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, starches, or preservatives.  When I started looking at the labels, I was surprised at some of the additives I saw in many of the “kid-friendly” yogurts on the market.   I’m excited to be serving as a Mountain High Yoghurt Ambassador for the next couple of months and sharing some ideas on ways to incorporate more yoghurt into your diet, tasty recipes and more.

In keeping with their philosophy of simplicity, Mountain High Yoghurt encourages us to take a little time each day to do something that makes you happy.  Sometimes it’s those little moments that make all the difference.

We’re on Spring Break this week and decided to take a little local vacation.  Where else would we go but Disneyland?  I told you I was going to make those passes pay for themselves!  Happy moments aren’t hard to come by at the Happiest Place on Earth, but there was one that stood out in my mind.  My boys don’t always get along, sibling rivalry is alive and well here.  We had promised a treat at the end of the day if they had managed to keep the peace.

By the time we headed for the gates after dark, my daughter was passed out asleep in the stroller.  Her treat would have to wait.  The boys had their eye on the churro cart.  We decided to have them share one, too much sugar close to bedtime has never ended well in our experience.  To our amazement, they traded bite for bite until they reached the end.  I steeled myself for a fight over the last bite, but it never came.  My oldest said “Here buddy, the last bite is for you.”  I think I heard angels singing.

What was your last Mountain High Moment?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mountain High Yoghurt. I received a gift card to purchase yogurt, a product kit, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

Hey, It’s Cheaper Than Buying Her a Pony

Here You Leave Today And Enter The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy

A year ago around this time, we took the plunge and bought Disneyland Annual Passports.  We couldn’t wait to spend the year with Mickey.  Since then we’ve spent many at day in the parks, I lost count somewhere around the 15th visit.  Seriously, I was determined to get our money’s worth.  We’ve loved every minute (aside from a few isolated temper tantrums) and have made family memories we’ll treasure for a lifetime. We recently got a postcard in the mail letting us know our renewal date was approaching, so it was decision time.  Passports aren’t cheap and now that the twins are three, we’ll need five instead of three.

As a reasonably frugal family we could think of plenty of reasons not to pony up, but in the end we did just that.  It may mean we don’t take a big family vacation this year, or eat out as often.  Yet the benefits of having the passes made it practically a no-brainer.  We can escape into a world of fantasy for the whole day or just a few hours.  We can take it slow, enjoy the parade, the shows, the people-watching – and not feel like we have to get on every ride.  There’s always another Disney day.  It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how stressful my week has been, whatever grown-up worries are weighing on my mind, once we walk through the gates it all seems to disappear.  It’s all forgotten and we can spend quality time with the kids, seeing the wonder through their little eyes.

Look – now I don’t have to buy her an actual pony!  Think of all the money we’re saving on horse equipment, boarding and food.  Her brothers already eat like horses as it is.

Are my kids a bit spoiled by getting to go to Disneyland all the time?  A little perhaps, but we don’t go all out on every trip with treats, souvenirs and the like.  We’ve discovered one of the parks cheapest and most collectible souvenirs, pressed coins.  All three kids have their own pressed penny book and they add a a couple to their collection on each trip.  They’re happy and we’ve spent nothing more than the change in the bottom of my purse.  I know someday they’ll probably have better things to do than spending day after day at Disneyland with mom and dad, but I don’t see the magic wearing off any time soon.  These memories we’re making?  They’re priceless.


It’s a Small World Holiday

it's a small world Holiday

The boat ride around the world is my three year old daughter’s very favorite thing at Disneyland. Even my 5 year old son who says he doesn’t like it because he’s “just not into dolls” was thrilled with the holiday version.

it's a small world holiday 2

it's a small world holiday 3

it's a small world holiday 4

it's a small world holiday 5

it's a small world holiday 6

it's a small world holiday 7

it's a small world holiday 8

Holiday Fantasy

Holiday Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland
Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle all decked out for the holidays.