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My Creative Outlet

Sometimes being an at-home mom can get to feel like Groundhog Day – the same routines, day in and day out. I think it’s important to take a little time for myself and I do that by creating scrapbooks. Scrapbooking allows me to combine preserving memories with creativity – a win-win combo for me! With a toddler, it is a little difficult to find the time to put a memory book together, but it can be done (usually during naptime).

A great time saver is shopping online for my supplies. I used to rush out on Sunday mornings to my local craft store with my coupon with the hope of getting a jump on everyone and getting the best deals before they run out. Invariably, I’d pull into the parking lot at 8 a.m. and find two dozen ladies already lined up. Well, I don’t do that anymore. I buy my supplies online and boy, that frees up a lot of time I’d spend running around town (especially with gas at $4 a gallon).

While searching for supplies, I came across Factory Direct Craft and it immediately impressed me with the variety of cute 3-D stickers, embellishments, stamps, embossing tools and books they offer at reasonable prices – some for just .99! They even have music buttons and voice recorders which I had never heard of before. Wouldn’t it be cool to create a scrapbook page and then record a ten-second personalized message to my son? What a timeless gift. I sure wish I could open a page from my childhood photo albums and hear my mom’s voice speaking to me. Technology is amazing.

After I picked up all my scrapbooking goodies (they have free shipping over $50, yay!) I looked at everything else Factory Direct Craft has to offer and they definitely have something for everyone, whether you create dolls, floral arrangements, soap, candles, or love to paint. Not sure what your next project should be? Visit their blog to get project ideas and view informative tutorials. This site has it all.

As my son grows I hope to not only scrapbook more myself, but work on projects with him as well. I think spending time being creative with your child is one of the best enriching activities you can do. If you love crafts, or if your children have created anything special lately, leave us a comment! We love hearing from you.

Happy Valentine’s Day – O”Fish”Ally!

DIY Valentines Day Cards - Will You O"Fish"Ally Be My Valentine

It’s that day we all love or love to hate – Valentine’s Day.  I hope yours is a memorable one! My oldest son is having another Kindergarten first today, his first Valentine’s party where he’ll be exchanging Valentine’s cards with his classmates.  I’m sure he would have been happy to choose a box from the shelves at Target – Cars, Star Wars or the like.  I wanted to do something of the homemade variety.  We found all kinds of inspiration on Pinterest, including these adorable little treat boxes filled with Goldfish crackers.

As it turns out, there is a free printable template for the tags at Tammy Mitchell Photography.  Score!  (She has lots of other fun stuff on her site too, so be sure to check it out.)  There was only one problem.  Jake didn’t want to use Goldfish for his Valentines.  Candy and only candy would do.  And I decided to indulge him.  Yay for Swedish Fish!

O"Fish"Ally My Valentine DIY

We printed the decorative tags on white cardstock and used a 2″ scallop circle punch (get one if you don’t have one, they are awesome for making cupcake toppers!) to fancy them up.  I love the idea of the pillow boxes Tammy used, but happened to have some small cello bags on hand that were perfect for our little fish.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

I could have printed his name on the cards, but this seemed like a great opportunity for some handwriting practice…

Making Valentine's Day Cards

A few staples and some glue stick action and voilà – the finished product:

Homemade Valentines Ideas for Kids

Pretty cute, don’t you think?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Toddler Turkey Table Decorations


These cute Toddler Turkey decorations are easy for you and your child to create and will make your Thanksgiving table fun and festive.

  • Stuff clean baby food jars with tissue paper then glue silk fall leaves on the sides
  • Trace your child’s hand on brown construction paper, cut out and place a dot for an eye
  • Cut out turkey feet and small beak from orange construction paper and glue onto turkey body
  • Cut out a picture of your child and attach to turkey body
  • Glue the completed turkey to a popsicle stick and place in the baby food jar
Voila! Wouldn’t it be a nice pre-dinner craft for the little ones to complete and place at the kiddie table?


Fun DIY Centerpieces for Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is all about food, family and being thankful.   Making the centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table can be a fun activity that you and the kids can work on together.  Here are some ideas for fun, kid-friendly centerpieces you can make yourself.


Turn a paper bag into a turkey, fill it with popcorn and dig in at mealtime.


This colorful turkey is made from paper plates and doubles as a bread basket. The kids can go wild decorating feathers.


Fruits and veggies make the feathers for this edible creation.

Source: via Marianne on Pinterest



Count your blessings as you feather this turkey made from balls of yarn.

Creative Crafty Activity for Toddlers/Preschoolers – Window Squishers

Do you have a little one at your house like I do? If so, try this homemade, quick and fun craft to give him or her a colorful and squishy activity that doesn’t cost a fortune or make a huge mess. Please forgive my poor photography skills…I hope they improve over time!

All you need is a bottle of corn syrup, food coloring and zip-closure sandwich bags in any size.

Squeeze corn syrup into a plastic storage bag, maybe about 1/4 full. Add a few squirts of food coloring and then squish it around until the dye is distributed. Suck as much air out of the  bag as you can, zip it closed and tape the top to keep it secure.

Tape your bags to a window that gets a good deal of sun, or better yet a sliding glass door, and let your toddler have fun squishing around the bright colors!