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Dreaming Big

Last month the nation had lotto fever when the Mega Millions jackpot was at a record $656 million. On March 30th we found out this unbelievable jackpot was going to be split between three tickets. Even after taxes and a penalty for a cash payout it would mean a ton of cash for each winner. It got me thinking – if it were me, what would I do with the money? There’s always the good you want to do in the world – like donate to a special organization, charity or cause. Then there are practical things like paying off the house and other debt, starting a college fund. Those kinds of things go without saying. I’m talking about some of the indulgences that are guilty pleasures. Hmmmm.

One of the things I’d like to do for myself is hire someone to organize my life. Having a two year old means a house full of scattered toys, books and other debris strewn from room to room. I’m so jealous of the custom closets and other unique storage ideas I see on Pinterest and in magazines. I’d love to turn someone loose on my house and have them clean it top to bottom, de-clutter, and then buy a billion cute and stylish boxes, containers and bins. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. It sure would be a step up from those Sterilite containers I’ve been using as closet organizers since I was a teenager. Basically, I want my house to look like one of those HGTV makeovers. Oh heck, if I’m that rich, maybe I’d just buy a new house and start from scratch.

Another guilty pleasure I’d indulge in would be a private airplane (or at least the ability to charter one whenever I wanted). I love, love, love to travel and to be able to fly to any destination whenever I wanted would truly be a dream come true. Wouldn’t it be great fun to say to a bunch of your friends, “Hey, let’s have lunch in another state….or country!” Breakfast in Brittany, lunch in Lima, dinner in Dublin. Ah, bliss. Another great perk – no more taking my laptop out of its case for security at LAX.

Have you ever dreamed about winning the lottery? Who hasn’t! What are some of the things you would indulge in? We’re not talking the practical side, here. We’re talking the fun stuff! A luxury RV? A vacation home in France? Let us know what your lotto dreams are by leaving a comment.

Big Family Fun at Adventure City

 Adventure City Anaheim California Toddler Amusement Park

When family visits us it usually means a trip to Disneyland or Knott’s Berry Farm – and we love those amusement parks. However, when my sister decided to visit a couple weeks ago we decided to try something new – Adventure City in Anaheim. I have lived in L.A. my whole life and had never visited this unique California theme park for young children. It has been around for decades (it was formerly known as Hobby City) and now that Jack is two it seemed the perfect place to go.

Just down the road from Knott’s Berry Farm, Adventure City was really easy to find and parking was plentiful – and free! Where do you get free parking anymore?
Adventure City Anaheim California Toddler Amusement Park
The entrance fee was only $14.95 per person but we used the coupons Sarah found online at the Anaheim Visitor and Convention Bureau’s website to get an additional $2.00 off.  Upon entering the park all of us adults thought it was adorable. Everything was decorated well, sparkling clean and just plain cute. The staff we encountered throughout the park were all friendly, helpful and seemed genuinely happy to be there which was refreshing.

Adventure City Anaheim California Toddler Amusement ParkMy sister and I took Jack on the Fire Rescue ride, where you get to pick a rescue vehicle and ride around a small track with lights blazing. I think my sister had as much fun as Jack! We also went on the airplane ride and visited the petting zoo before heading over to my son’s favorite thing of all – the choo choo train. We ended up going on it twice, riding all around the park (and through their birthday party room) and Adventure City Anaheim California Toddler Amusement Parkwatching employees wave to us along the way. Other venues in Southern California that have trains can charge $2.50 – $3.00 per ride which can add up quickly!  At Adventure City your kids can ride over and over and over again until they get their fill all for $14.95. I think the train and carousel alone are worth the admission cost. There are several rides such as the Freeway Coaster or Drop Zone that would satisfy older children who enjoy something racier.  Adventure City has 11 rides in all plus other attractions like a rock climbing wall, shows and an arcade to keep kids of all ages entertained.

Adventure City Anaheim California Toddler Amusement ParkWe did have lunch at the park and our meal was fine. It’s typical amusement park food with burgers, hot dogs and chips as standard fare, but they do offer a chicken wrap which was fairly tasty. If you prefer to bring your own food there are several tables both inside and outside the park available for your use.

Overall our experience was great and I know we will be going back again and again in the future, and probably bringing more people with us. While we all still love Disneyland and Knott’s, Adventure City is tailored to the little ones which makes it special. If you’ve been to Adventure City leave us a comment and let us know what your experience was like!

The Versatile Easter Egg Dipper

Egg decorating is great, Mom, but this egg dipper thingy is fascinating!

Yes, Mom, I know it’s called an “egg dipper” but honestly, I don’t want to get it dirty by actually using it on eggs.

Let’s just agree to use this spoon for the messy stuff. I want to keep my dipper clean because…

…I really want to use it at lunchtime.

My Creative Outlet

Sometimes being an at-home mom can get to feel like Groundhog Day – the same routines, day in and day out. I think it’s important to take a little time for myself and I do that by creating scrapbooks. Scrapbooking allows me to combine preserving memories with creativity – a win-win combo for me! With a toddler, it is a little difficult to find the time to put a memory book together, but it can be done (usually during naptime).

A great time saver is shopping online for my supplies. I used to rush out on Sunday mornings to my local craft store with my coupon with the hope of getting a jump on everyone and getting the best deals before they run out. Invariably, I’d pull into the parking lot at 8 a.m. and find two dozen ladies already lined up. Well, I don’t do that anymore. I buy my supplies online and boy, that frees up a lot of time I’d spend running around town (especially with gas at $4 a gallon).

While searching for supplies, I came across Factory Direct Craft and it immediately impressed me with the variety of cute 3-D stickers, embellishments, stamps, embossing tools and books they offer at reasonable prices – some for just .99! They even have music buttons and voice recorders which I had never heard of before. Wouldn’t it be cool to create a scrapbook page and then record a ten-second personalized message to my son? What a timeless gift. I sure wish I could open a page from my childhood photo albums and hear my mom’s voice speaking to me. Technology is amazing.

After I picked up all my scrapbooking goodies (they have free shipping over $50, yay!) I looked at everything else Factory Direct Craft has to offer and they definitely have something for everyone, whether you create dolls, floral arrangements, soap, candles, or love to paint. Not sure what your next project should be? Visit their blog to get project ideas and view informative tutorials. This site has it all.

As my son grows I hope to not only scrapbook more myself, but work on projects with him as well. I think spending time being creative with your child is one of the best enriching activities you can do. If you love crafts, or if your children have created anything special lately, leave us a comment! We love hearing from you.


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