Do You Spy on Your Kids on Facebook?

My kids are still much too young to be on Facebook, but seeing more and more profiles popping up for family members and friends’ kids, it has me thinking. How old is old enough to have a Facebook profile? If you do allow your kids to have a profile, do you keep a close watch on it?


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  1. Lori A.
    January 20, 2012 | 5:03 pm

    I don’t call it spying. My kids know we watch their accounts. Two of the stipulations for them to have accounts was that we have their login information and they had to friend us. If they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to worry about. :)
    I will admit that we checked their profiles quite a bit in the beginning…but as we saw that everything was going fine, we backed off some. We don’t check nearly as often.
    My daughter was about 13 1/2 when we let her set up an account. She wanted one way before that but we told her that you have to be 13 to even have an account. Yes, I know there are A LOT of kids under 13 on facebook…but we follow the rules. :)
    We allowed my stepdaughter to get one not too long after my daughter…she is 16. She’s had some issues with trust and responsibility so she had to wait longer.
    Our son is only 8 so, of course, he does not have an account. He has asked for one just because he wants to play some of the games he’s seen us play on there.
    How old is old enough? I think it varies for each child based on their maturity.

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